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Content 6 is a service of ideaLaunch.com–the hub for a number of different content marketing services and free content marketing resources including monthly webinars, guides, ebooks, case studies and more.
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Advanced Content Marketing Software

WordVision is revolutionary content marketing software designed by our team to support all Content 6 clients. It keep writers, SEO Specialists and marketing professionals all on the same page. Our team does all the heavy lifting to setup the software based on the keyword research, keyword silos, keyword groups and more.

WordVision Software Runs 24x7

WordVision software runs every day to dynamically track PPC price, search volume, competitive listing positions and client listing positions for all keywords submitted for the service. Reports include trend reports, performance reports, traffic reports, historic listing position reports, and more. The software measures the impact of content scored with the technology and published on the Client website. API license agreements with Google and SpyFu are subject to terms, conditions and limitations, with login information for Google Analytics required for the API license agreement.

Writers Score and Optimize Content for SEO Strength

WordVision gets writers and SEO managers on the same page, with on-the-fly scoring of content for select keyword silos researched and setup for the service. In seconds, writers score content for SEO strength. In minutes, SEO managers pinpoint problems with content published on the web.

Track Performance with On-The-Fly Reports

Select from a number of different reports that track the impact of content you publish and distribute on the web.

Position ROI Report
Position ROI reports showcase the impact of content asset published on your website with improved listing positions at Google. You can review the overall improvements form listing positions, and actually dive down into which keywords improved. And you can review improvements of keyword silos targeted for content creation and optimization.
Traffic ROI Report
Traffic ROI reports showcase the impact of content asset published on your website with increases in organic traffic sourced from your Google Analytics account. You can review the overall increases in traffic, and dive down into which keywords increased in traffic. You can also review increases in traffic by keyword silos targeted for content creation and optimization.
Trend Report
Trend reports help identify keyword listing position trends for groups of keywords. In seconds, you can see the trend history for any keyword silo or find all the keywords currently in position 11 to 50. Trend reports help pinpoint opportunity to achieve performance goals.
Market Share Report
Market Share Reports showcase your overlapping market share for organic keywords. Comparing your market share with the competition offers the competitive intelligence you need to develop content plans and strategy to win back that market share.

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