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Content 6 is a service of ideaLaunch.com–the hub for a number of different content marketing services and free content marketing resources including monthly webinars, guides, ebooks, case studies and more.
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Content Planning Is the Starting Point for Success

Planning service is the starting point for all engagements at Content 6. The service delivers a Content Plan packed with research and analysis that provides a critical foundation for the content marketing goals and objectives outlined in the discovery stage of the Content Plan development process.

A team will be assigned to your account, including Content Strategist, Editor, SEO Specialist, and Engineer. Your assigned team will follow a proven research methodology in developing a strategic and holistic Content Plan tailored to your business and marketing objectives. An initial kickoff meeting and online questionnaire define the focus for planning, audits, research and goals for the service. All plans will be presented to you for review and approval.

SEO Research Drives Content Marketing Strategy

SEO research includes competitive analysis, keyword research and filtering, performance analysis, and targeted keyword silo development. SEO research offers insight to the current performance of your website in search engines and defines the strategy to improve listing positions, increase traffic and capture organic market share. The main focus of the SEO research is to identify keyword silos for content creation, optimization and performance goals. Keyword silos and research are loaded into WordVision, the performance tracking and analysis software included in the service. Existing SEO researched developed by Client may be presented for consideration and review, with any research time saved re-allocated to other aspects of the planning process.

Content Research Pinpoints the Opportunity for Betterment

Content plan development includes a quantitative and qualitative audit and analysis of content assets on your website and competitor websites with conclusive recommendations on how to improve content quantity, quality and publishing frequency to capture market share. Style guide development is also provided in the service and includes relevant recommendations around branding and messaging strategy, style, voice and tone recommendations, topic guidelines, engagement suggestions, linking recommendations, SEO guidelines, and more. Editorial calendars are created for next-stage content creation efforts are also included in the final Content Plan delivered for Client feedback and approval.

Planning Service Offers the Answers You Need to Grow Your Business

You get the answers you need to the most important content marketing questions:

  • How much content do you need to capture organic market share?
  • How frequently should you published content and what are the best channels?
  • What quality is required to engage customers and appeal to search engines?

We Do the Heavy Lifting and You Get the Results

A team of content strategists is assigned to your account. They follow our process to achieve your performance goals.

Kickoff Session
Week 1
Planning Service
Week 2
SEO Plan
Week 3
Content Plan
Week 4
Content Sampling
Week 4
Plans/Sampling Approval
Week 4
Performance Technology
Week 5
Content Approval
Performance Review

It's a Small Price to Pay for Big Results You Demand

Our planning service is priced separately as a standalone service, customized for each client and business challenges and goals. Below are three different planning service estimates that vary with website size, competitive landscape, research requirements and performance goals.

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